How To Get Your Christmas Gifts Ready Early

Don't you feel like summer went by especially quickly this year? Even though you might feel sad about that, there's lots of fun ahead, too. Just think, soon you'll be putting out the Halloween decorations, and then you'll be getting out your favorite recipes for a traditional Thanksgiving meal soon after that. And then it'll be time to decorate for Christmas! If you want to get ahead of the game by getting your gifts ready early, here are some ideas for you.

Have A Plan - If you have a plan of action, things will fall into place more easily.

  • One way to make out your gift list is to divide it into categories so shopping will be easier. For example, the list might be divided into gifts for children and gifts for teenagers that could be purchased at the same store.
  • Set up a gift station. Do you have an empty guest room closet? What about a table that you can set up in the basement? It's a good idea to keep a big sheet handy so that you can cover up your work space when it's not in use.
  • It's a really good idea to separate gifts that need to be mailed. Wrapping them, complete with mailing labels, will help you beat the lines at the post office.

Hand-made Gifts - Because you're starting early, making your own personalized gifts is very doable. Even if you've never embroidered before, it's an easy skill that can be done while you're watching a movie in front of your television set.

  • Making Christmas stockings is one idea. Simply buy stockings that don't have a design on them, and embroider the design of your choice on them. Embroidery floss is very affordable and it comes in amazing colors. Think about embroidering the child's name on the top and adding things like simple Santa faces, angels with gold metallic halos and wings, hobby horses and dolls.
  • Embroidered fingertip towels or dishtowels wouldn't be hard to do. Consider embroidering cute sayings like Santa's Watching and Elves Working on the bottom of the towels.
  • Another idea is to buy solid colored throw pillows and enhance them with an embroidered initial, a monogram or a design that's not related to Christmas. 

As you decide on which designs to use, remember that you can even copy pictures right out of children's coloring books. Adding cute Christmas buttons along with your embroidery design will make your gift really pop.