Looking For That Perfect Transition Piece?

Shopping for clothing and accessories can be difficult. Finding a piece of clothing that can effortlessly transition from daywear to eveningwear can be even harder. As the United States transitions away from Covid-19 protocols and quarantines, work is shifting from remote to in-person. School is moving from online to in-person, and leisure activities like concerts and parties are becoming a social norm again. It can be overwhelming to try and shop for work clothes (day wear) and proper attire for date nights (evening wear) because the costs can quickly add up.

Insect Repellent Clothing Essentials For Backpackers

Backpacking long distances can be a truly incredible, life-changing experience. However, you do need to have the right gear to make it happen. In addition to comfortable shoes and a good sleeping bag, you'll want to have insect-repellent clothing to keep ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests from bothering you and possibly spreading disease. But what types of insect-repellent clothing are the most necessary for backpackers? Here's a look at the essentials.