For The Barn Or The Bride: 5 Things You Should Know About Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots may never go out of style in the Southwest. It appears that the rest of the country is maintaining their love affair with the classic footwear as well. Whether you're replacing a worn out pair or you're buying your first cowboy boots, here are 5 things to know about buying and wearing these classic boots.

1. Choose the toe style that best fits your foot.

Some people think cowboy boots are super uncomfortable. Maybe they tried on a pair with extra-pointy toes. But you can find cowboy boots that fit your foot and are stylish, too. This guide to cowboy boots shows the four styles of cowboy boot toes, which are rounded, snip, traditional (with a rounder point than the snip toe) and square. Choose the style that will best accommodate your tender toes. If you have a wide foot, the square and rounded versions will probably be the most comfy.

2. Newer versions may come distressed but are not broken in.

Ranchers used to laugh at people who had brand new, shiny boots. Everyone knows that a real cowboy's boots will be scuffed and dusty. Some of today's cowboy boots are made to look worn in, but don't let that fool you. All cowboy boots need a few weeks of wear to break them in for comfort.

3. Unless you're somewhere near Texas, your cowboy boots should stand alone.

Current fashion law dictates that you only wear one piece of western-style apparel with a given outfit, unless you're at a rodeo or rustling cattle. Southern and Southwestern areas are more relaxed about this rule when it comes to formal parties, but the rest of the country isn't so charitable. Still, you can look absolutely smashing in cowboy boots, because they go with nearly everything as this site proves.

4. There are many styles of cowboy boots, including flip flops.

Cowboy boots come in formal, rugged, half-boot, and insulated styles. But when summertime hits, nothing beats cool, laid-back cowboy "sandals."  When your boots wear out because you love them so much, consider having them turned into a pair of epic flip flops. In contrast to the mullet, these are all party in the front, business in the back. As a bonus, the long legs on these majestic beach boots will keep the mosquitoes and sand fleas from biting your calves.

5. Wedding cowboy boots remain popular with brides and grooms.

Every bride wants to be unique in some way on her special day. To that end, many brides choose to wear cowboy boots with their designer wedding gowns. Grooms are also enjoying the trend, pairing elegant black cowboy boots with formal tuxedos.  Boot manufacturers are aware of this popular nuptial fashion statement. Every year,  they offer a number of new styles of feminine cowboy boots designed to pair up perfectly with wedding attire, whether your "hitching" event is casual or formal.

There is a seemingly endless variety of boot designs being crafted, so spend some time searching at places like until you find the ones that speak to your inner cowgirl or cowboy.