The Eyes Have It: 4 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles And Puffiness

Even if you feel your best, the puffiness around your eyes can leave you looking tired and sick. If puffy eyes have you feeling like wearing a mask out in public, don't despair. You don't have to hide your puffy eyes any longer. With some simple products you probably have in your home, you can reduce the puffy circles and regain tight, youthful skin around your eyes.

Don't Throw Away the Tea Bags

If you drink tea, you have the perfect solution for puffy eyes right in your kitchen. The next time you have puffy eyes, make yourself a cup of tea. Remove the tea bag and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Sit back in a chair and place the tea bags over your eyes. Leave the tea bags on your eyes for about 15 minutes. The tannic acid found in tea will reduce the puffiness from around your eyes.

Get to the Bottom of It

To remove the puffiness and leave the skin around your eyes with a more youthful appearance, get right to the bottom of it. The same ointment that reduces the painful swelling of hemorrhoids can also remove the puffiness around your eyes. Place a small amount of hemorrhoid cream on your fingertip and gently rub it under your eyes. No need to wash it off. Simply apply your makeup right over the ointment. You can also combine hemorrhoid cream with your favorite moisturizer to tighten the skin on your neck.

Go For the Green

The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a few extra avocados. You can use them to reduce the appearance of dark circles and reduce the puffiness around your eyes. Slice a ripe avocado up and add a little bit of milk. Use a fork to combine the two ingredients into a soft paste. Use your fingers to apply a thin layer of the avocado paste to the area under your eyes and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

Chill Out

If you need a quick way to get rid of puffiness, head to your utensil drawer. Place two spoons in the freezer and leave them there for about five minutes. Sit back in a chair and place the spoons directly over your eyes. The cold will reduce the puffiness and leave your eyes feeling refreshed.

Your eyes are the first things people notice about you. If dark circles and puffiness are getting in the way of you putting your best face forward, use these simple home remedies to take care of the problem. 

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