Five Fun Pieces You Really Must Pack For Your Next Cruise

If you are planning on heading out on a cruise soon, be sure to pack a few extra items that will kick up the level of fun on your voyage! These are not exactly necessities, but they will provide plenty of laughs and numerous memorable photos during the trip, which will bring smiles after you get home, too. Five items you won't want to be without during your vacation are:

A mermaid tail. What better place to be a mermaid than on a cruise ship? These fun and whimsical accessories are becoming more and more popular, and mermaid bathing suits are also making a big splash on the retail market. If you only buy one new item for your voyage, make it a cool, clever mermaid tail!

Your disco clothes. Every ship seems to have a disco night at least once during a cruise; are you ready to get your groove on? Pack up a pair of platforms, bell-bottoms, and that silky top, and be prepared to dance the night away. Plan ahead so you are not scurrying and scavenging to find something suitable when you are out on the high seas.

A funky wig. Theme parties are the norm on most major cruise lines, but what should you bring to be sure you have what you need? Start with a fun and funky wig; any great costume or get-up begins with a wig, which can really transform you from cruise ship passenger into a funky party animal. Whether the theme is the 50s, 70s, or even the punk-rock 80s, bring out your inner self with a great wig!

A tutu. Or, a grass skirt will do if you happen to have one on hand. There are many poolside contests, parties, and events, so wear your tutu and stand out from the crowd! A brightly colored tutu or perfectly-suited grass skirt may even help you win a prize during these fun and festive events.

A tiara. You will feel like royalty when you are on an all-inclusive cruise, so why not bring a tiara? Plus, these make the most fun and memorable photos when you pose on Captain's night or during a formal dinner. Typically, the photographers offer a wide range of glitzy and glamorous back-drops that will be perfect for your sparkling tiara!

Pack carefully for your cruise, and be sure to take along a few of these fun pieces. A cruise is a time to let loose and enjoy, so take advantage of the opportunity to have some fun and show off your lighter side.