4 Tips For Storing Your Fur Coat Without Damaging It

If you're the proud owner of a beautiful fur coat, you probably want to keep it looking great. One step to doing so is to make sure that you store it properly. These are a few helpful steps for storing your favorite fur coat without causing extra wear and tear, whether you are storing it until tomorrow or until next winter.

1. Make Sure It's Dry Before Putting it Away

Because your fur coat is probably so warm and fuzzy, you probably love to wear it when it's cold outside. However, this means that you fur coat might come in contact with sleet, snow and ice during the winter months. This does not have to be a big deal, but one thing that you should be careful about is putting your coat away while it's still wet. If you hang it up in a dark closet without allowing it to fully dry, it can cause your fur coat to take longer to dry. This can cause your coat to develop a musty odor and can even cause mold and mildew growth, since the moisture and the dark, warm closet combined can be a breeding ground for these things. Instead, hang your coat up out in the open until it dries fully; then, put it away in your closet.

2. Avoid Using a Wire Hanger

A wire hanger can be too harsh for your fur coat and can cause indentations and even tears and pulls. Instead, you'll want to use a hanger that is a bit gentler on your coat, such as a wooden hanger that is covered with a padded cover. You can even purchase a hanger that is designed just for hanging up fur coats if you want to truly protect your garment.

3. Avoid Storing Among Strong Odors

Your fur coat can pick up a lot of odors, and it can be tough to get these odors out. This is why you will want to avoid storing your coat in a cedar storage chest, with moth balls or otherwise around a lot of fragrances.

4. Cover With a Fur Cover

You'll want to protect your coat from becoming matted or otherwise damaged, and you'll also want to prevent it from getting dirty while it's being stored, such as when you store it during the summer months. To do so without causing damage, use a fur storage bag to cover it up. This type of storage bag is breathable and will help prevent damage to your coat, unlike a regular plastic garment cover.

You can keep your fut coat looking great when storing it. Just make sure that you follow these four tips to avoid damaging this glamorous part of your wardrobe. Contact a company like A Furrier - David Appel Furs to learn more.