Great Gifts For Your Generation Y Graduate

Tired of gifting cash? If you have a loved one graduating from college this spring or summer, give them something that they will love just as much as money. Generation Y graduates were born in the 90s, typically, and can appreciate the pop cultural icons and references to that time period. Try the following suggestions for great gifts to give a Generation Y grad that can fit any budget.

A blast from the past. College grads will love vintage tie-dye tee shirts, like those from ByKiy, representing their favorite bands, music festivals, or performers. These are often found online, in replicated new versions or through sellers offering vintage pop culture memorabilia. If the tee is truly vintage, consider framing it in a shadow-box for the recipient to hang on their wall.

A grown-up briefcase. Many recent graduates appreciate a high-end briefcase to take to their first job after college. There are many stylish briefcases, and many recipients may prefer the versatility of a leather messenger bag. This gift is something that the recipient can use for the rest of their adult life.

Monogrammed pen set. It may seem a little old-fashioned, but a monogrammed pen or pencil set is always a great gift for a recent graduate. This is something that the recipient probably wouldn't buy for themselves, and it is something that can be used and appreciated daily. There is a wide range of styles, selections, and price-points for high-quality sets online.   

Something technological. Generation Y graduates love their technological devices. Depending on your budget, you can upgrade your graduate's current phone, tablet, or laptop for a special gift, or you can spend a bit less and give them something to augment or enhance their devices. This might include a cool cover, case, keyboard, or even headphones.    

A donation to a charity. Today's college graduate is environmentally aware and passionate about making the world a better place. Make a donation to a cause or organization that the recipient may be supportive of, and give the graduate a card with a link to the charity's website.Give a little, give a lot; it's up to you.

Today's students are tomorrow's leaders; commemorate a recent graduation with a special gift that any child of the 90s will love. They are old enough to appreciate vintage bands and music, yet hip enough to have a working knowledge of the latest technological devices. Use these suggestions and give something other than cash to show how proud you are of their achievements.