3 Easy-Peasy Ways To Drop Hints To Your Not-So-Fashion-Conscious Guy To Buy New Clothes

You may admire your man and all his handsomeness, but one thing you may not like so much is his lackluster sense of style when it comes to fashion. While you try to stay current and trendy, he seems to be stuck in stonewashed jeans and worn-out T-shirts. If you start nagging your guy about buying new clothes, it is highly unlikely he will be very receptive, and dragging him by the shirttail to the nearest shopping center is probably out of the question. It is a good idea to get a little creative about encouraging him to shop for clothes, so here are a few ideas to help you out.

Carefully point out his outdated sense of style. 

If the two of you are out and about, try to direct his attention to other guys who are dressed in modern clothing. Don't just go about pointing out random people and making a scene, but casually slip in something like: 

Hey, you would look good in that street shirt.


Check out that dude's pants, they would fit you great.

Just dropping a few hints may get him more in tune with what guys these days should be wearing and see the difference in his own attire.

Get your dude interested in shopping on his phone. 

Some guys not only don't really care about fashion, they also hate to shop. If this sounds like your other half, you may be able to sway his opinions about the shopping process by introducing him to mobile shopping. There are all kinds of crazy cool apps that he can use to track down clothes that he might actually like. For example, some men's clothing retailers actually have apps that help him find just the right size by taking a few snapshots.

Secretly slip a few new things into his wardrobe collection. 

If you are super desperate to get a mn to dress better, you may have to resort to shopping for him. However, this has to be done just right or it will never work. Don't get too excited and go out and buy him a pair of modern skinny jeans if he normally wears boot cut and expect that he will wear them. Instead, find modern clothing pieces that are more closely related to his usual style. For example, if he is totally into his old ragged t-shirts, try picking up a vintage t-shirt in a modern style.

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