3 Reasons Lace Up Sports Bras Are More Comfortable Than Regular Sports Bras

Modern sports bras have many features that you should consider, such as individual cups for each breast or crossover back straps. However, one feature that many women overlook is lacing on the front of the sports bras. Many women assume that lace up sports bras is meant to be decorative. While it can be cute, it also allows you to have greater control over the fit of your sports bra based on your specific needs. Below are just three ways that a lace up sports bra can make you more comfortable. 

They Can Give You Extra Support For Heavy Workouts

For most non-aerobic workouts, you may want the comfort and freedom of a slightly less snug sports bra. However, if you are about to enter an intense step aerobics class, you may decide that you need a bit of extra support to make sure your breasts stay in place. On these days, you can lace your lace up sports bra a little tighter to make sure you have the support that you need. 

You Can Get Immediate Relief By Loosening Them After a Workout 

At the end of an intense workout, you may want to take off your sports bra to allow your breasts to move freely and reduce the pressure you experience because of your sports bra. However, that is not always possible if you are out in public as opposed to at the gym or at home. With a lace up sports bra, you can discretely undue the lacing of your bra to provide immediate relief after a workout. 

​They Can Be Adjusted to Accommodate Daily Breast Changes 

Many women experience significant changes in the size, shape, and firmness of their breasts throughout each month, due to their hormonal cycle. Additionally, women experience changes to their breast size during pregnancy and while losing weight due to working out more often. With a lace up bra, you can accommodate the daily changes in the size of your breasts without having to have multiple sports bras in your drawer. You can simply lace the bra tighter on days when your breasts are slightly smaller and lace it more loosely if they are swollen. 

If you are looking for a highly adjustable sports bra that can be used for multiple activities and offers a firm, supportive fit, you should consider the benefits of a lace up bra the next time you are shopping.