Eliminate First-Date Agony: Which Top To Pair With Your Jeans

If you're going out on a first date with a guy, the agony over what to wear can be unbearable. Jeans are a good bet for most dates, thanks to the relaxed west coast vibe that has pervaded styles today. Here are some tips to take the guess work out of matching the right top with your denim.


Clubbing is a favorite choice with guys because, frankly, they don't have to talk much. The good news is that you can often spot the difference between a keeper and a fish you want to throw back by watching them for a few minutes on the dance floor.

Unless you're going to a grunge or punk club, plan on wearing your best dark-rinse skinnies or trouser-cut jeans. A sleeveless top will let you keep your cool while working up a sweat on the dance floor. Look for gentle A-line tops with embroidery, beads, sequins, and the like to dress them up. Slip into a pair of high heels, grab a tiny clutch, and you're ready to go.

Exotic Dinner or Art-house Film

An invitation to dinner at an ethnic restaurant or to see an artsy movie is a good sign that your date has something between their ears. You can relax a bit on this kind of date and bring out your inner boho gal.

Any length jeans work well for this kind of style, whether you go for distressed flares or straight-legged pants with the hem cut off. The key is to give your top the same flavor as your jeans. Break out the caftan or the kimono top, which can be had at boutiques everywhere. Add ankle booties, dangling earrings, and some strands of long beads for the perfect look.

Day on the Town

Daytime, with its harsh lighting, is brutal, isn't it? Show off your time at the gym with a pair of close-fitting boyfriend jeans, rolled at the ankles, and a nautical top in short or long sleeves, depending on your weather.

Think about trying white jeans for a change, and ballet flats will let you tour the town without a single blister. A cute fedora or straw boater will keep your outfit from being over-the-top preppy.


Brunch is a noncommittal date, so you should be just as neutral. When you head out to test the waters with a potential suitor, go for a mixture of casual and business. A dressy pair of jeans and crisp white blouse are the ideal combination.

First, keep your heels to a mid height that says, "I might have stilettos in my closet, but you'll have to earn them." A chunky statement necklace and pashmina wrap give the message that you're all about luxury, and even if he doesn't work out, you're doing just fine on your own!