What To Look For In Men's Ballroom Dance Pants To Stay Comfortable And Stylish

When it comes to ballroom dancing, you want to both look and feel amazing while you are out on the floor with your partner. Men's ballroom dance pants should provide you with a sense of confidence and a sure fit so you don't accidentally expose a leg or have restricted movement while on the floor. Whether you are looking for Latin-style dance pants or traditional ballroom pants, you should look for the following key things for the best fit and style.


Stripes that go down the length of men's ballroom pants are common in both Latin-style and smooth dancing. The stripe on either side of your pants begins at the waist and goes down to the ankle and draws the audience's eye to your fluid movements. Since ballroom pants are a rich black in color, the stripe (usually of a shining, stretchy material) gives flair and helps you stand out, particularly if you are a competition or rhythm dancer where being flashy counts.


If you are a Latin dancer, then you want a pair of ballroom dance pants that have a higher, thicker waist. Standard dress men's ballroom pants have a straight waist that sits lower on the hips. The waist should be true to your form and not ride up or down on your body. Waists are typically gathered or tucked to give you a firm fit. If you have concerns about your waist or you have high hip bones that make wearing pants correctly uncomfortable, you will want to have your ballroom pants professionally altered so the waist doesn't move as you twist and turn.


If you are a rhythmic ballroom dancer, you will want to make sure that your ballroom pants always show off your form in a positive way. For this reason, you may want to choose pants that have an elastic that goes under your foot (think: stirrup pants) to keep them from riding up as you move. You will also want to choose a style that is fitted at the waist with a slight flare at the ankles for better movement. A shorter crotch can help give you ample movement and a more attractive silhouette without compromising comfort.

Whether you choose to have your men's ballroom dance pants custom-made or you want to wear a pair right off the rack, you can have a more enjoyable experience shopping if you know what to look for. Choose a style that works well for your ballroom style as well as your body type so you can always feel great out on the floor. Contact a company like Randall Designs to get started.