2 Tips For Shopping For A Wedding Dress When Losing Weight

To look their best at their wedding, many brides attempt to lose weight before the big day. This isn't always a good idea because it can be hard to predict whether you'll achieve the goal and how your body will look when it's time to get married, both of which can impact how your dress will fit. If you're determined to try and take off the pounds, here are two tips for buying a dress that will still look flattering whether you achieve the goal or not.

1. Choose Bigger Rather Than Smaller

You may be tempted to get a dress in the size you hope to be when you get married. As mentioned previously, however, it can be hard to say how your body will look once you reach your goal weight. Even if you've been that weight before, research has shown that body composition changes with age, so there's no guarantee you'll have the same proportions when you reach the desired number on the scale as you did before you gained weight.

Thus, it's better to get a dress that's at least a size larger than you want to be. Dresses only have small amounts of extra fabric, and there may not be enough to accommodate unplanned inches that may be stubbornly hanging around at your last fitting. It's much easier to take in a dress that's too big than it is to increase the size of one that's too small.

2. Select an Alteration-Friendly Gown

Another thing you can do is select an alteration-friendly gown. Some styles of gowns are easier to adjust and camouflage extra better than others. For instance, corset-based gowns are great for brides trying to trim down because the corset can be tightened or loosened according to their needs. The only adjustment that would have to be made with a corset gown is the cup size, which shouldn't be too much trouble for a seasoned sewing professional.

A-line gowns tend also to be excellent at hiding extra pounds, which makes them a good alternative if you can't find a corset gown you like. You should avoid purchasing fitted styles because these dresses tend to have the least amount of extra fabric and show every extra inch you couldn't shed. If you want a body-hugging dress, you have to make certain you'll hit your target by your last fitting.

For more tips on purchasing the right gown for you when you're losing weight or to get needed alterations done to your wedding dress, contact a bridal shop. For more information on wedding dress alterations, contact your local alterations company today!