Host A Great Alien-Themed Party

Your kids are more than likely over-the-wall excited about school being out soon, right? For that matter, you are probably ready for a break, too. No more tests and projects that you have to encourage them to study for and complete, no more searching for lost homework assignments, no more driving to school to fulfill your responsibilities as a classroom helper, and no more having to wake up sleepy children. In fact, you might be planning a party to celebrate the end of school. If you and your kids have decided to have an alien-themed end-of-the-year party,  here are some ideas that might help you to plan a very fun and memorable party.

Start With Alien Invitations - After making the guest list with your children, think of creating your own alien-themed party invitations. Simple! Just have the kids draw something like a spaceship or a caricature of an alien on the front of the invitation and then add words like, Earth To My Alien Friends...Come To My Party To Celebrate The End Of School!  Plan alien-themed party games, too. For example, make small plastic bowls look like space ships and have the children toss them into a larger bowl that is decorated to look like the mother spaceship. Play music like The Purple People Eater while you play the games. 

Give Alien T-shirts - Instead of giving party favors at the close of your end-of-the-year celebration, think of giving them to the guests at the beginning of the party. Consider buying alien t-shirts ahead of time and give them out at the beginning of the party so that the kids can wear them while they're together. It will just add to the fun, don't you think? Consider buying them in two or more different colors so that, when you divide the kids into teams, you can simply divide them according to the color of their alien t-shirts. And, while you're at it, consider buying additional alien t-shirts to have on hand, not only to give as gifts, but for your personal use. After all, October is only five months away and you'll need a Halloween costume, right? The great part about having alien t-shirts is that you can also wear them for every day activities. Think of having everybody in the family use their alien t-shirts with their summer shorts and flip flops, and as swim suit cover ups.