Caring For Your Outdoor Clothing

Whether you like hiking, fishing, or hunting, it can be beneficial to invest in high-quality outdoor clothing, like southern long sleeve t shirts. These garments will be much more resistant to the types of wear and tear that they sustain during outdoor activities.

Use A Spot Stain Remover As Soon As You Notice A Blemish

It is common for garments worn during outdoor activities to develop a variety of stains. Whether this is due to grass, mud, or other pigment-rich substances, they can ruin the garments that you are wearing. Using a spot stain remover on these blemishes will enable you to minimize the risk of these discolorations becoming a permanent feature of your garment.

Minimize Wearing These Clothing Items When You Are Not Doing Outdoor Activities

If you have purchased clothing items specifically designed for outdoor use, you may want to minimize wearing these garments during other activities. This can increase the wear and tear that these garments will sustain, which can shorten the lifespan of the garment. If you enjoy the appearance of your outdoor garments enough to wear them during regular activities, you may want to invest in a second set of the garments for this purpose.

Use Cold Water When Washing These Garments

When it is necessary to wash your outdoor garments, using cold water can be a less damaging option for cleaning these clothing items. Hot water will degrade the pigment and start to weaken the fabric. While cold water may not be as effective against stubborn stains as hot water, you can help to offset this disadvantage by pretreating the garments and soaking them before putting them into the wash.

Learn Basic Stitching To Repair Tears

There are many ways that your outdoor garments can suffer tears. Whether it is due to getting caught on sticks or rocks, these tears can rapidly expand. As soon as you can, stitch the rips back together. This is a fairly easy repair to make, but it may require you to learn how to do basic sewing. Due to the intense wear that these garments can suffer, you might want to double stitch these repairs as this will make them more resilient.

Your high-quality clothing for your favorite outdoor activities will need some special care to reduce the damage these clothing items can experience. Taking the time and effort to apply spot removers, use cold water, pretreat stains, and sew rips back together will extend the life of these valuable garments.