You Said Yes: How To Avoid Problems With Your Wedding Dress Alterations

If you're going to be shopping for your wedding dress, don't forget to plan for the alterations. Very few dresses will fit perfectly right off the rack, which means some adjustments will need to be made – even if they're just minor ones. Alterations can take several weeks to complete, which is in addition to the time spent waiting for your gown to arrive at the salon once you've placed the order. That's why it's crucial that you purchase your gown several months ahead of the wedding. That way, you have plenty of time to take care of any last-minute alterations that will need to be taken care of. Here are three tips that will help you avoid problems with the final alterations.

Plan Around a Realistic Wedding Weight

When purchasing and altering your wedding dress, it's crucial that you plan around a realistic wedding weight. You may have a desired weight in mind, but if the goal isn't realistic, you could end up with problems if you try to alter your dress to fit that goal. If you're going to be working towards a drastic weight loss goal for your wedding, choose a dress that fits you at this moment. It's easier to take in a dress several inches than it is to let one out.

Know What You'll Wear Underneath

When it comes time for the fittings, be sure to know what you'll be wearing underneath the dress. Your undergarments will play a big role in determining how your dress will fit. If you're going to be wearing a body shaper or other specialized undergarments, be sure to bring them with you to all your fittings. You'll want to be wearing them when you're measured. Not only that, but if you've chosen jewelry to wear with your dress, you'll want to bring those pieces with you as well. Your tailor will want to see where the jewelry rests in relation to your dress.

Don't Forget the Shoes

When it comes to altering your wedding dress, you'll want to make sure you get the hemline right. Too long, and you'll trip over your dress. Too short, and your dress won't look like it fits you properly. To avoid problems with the hem, be sure to choose your wedding shoes when you choose the dress. That way, the hemline will rest at the perfect length on the day of your wedding.

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