How To Get The Right Fit When Purchasing Dress Pants

When you purchase dress pants, you are purchasing pants you are going to be wearing to formal events or to work. You want your dress pants to fit your body correctly. Correctly fitting dress pants will make you look like more of a professional. Getting taken seriously is about knowing what you are doing and looking the part. Buying dress pants is different than buying a nice pair of jeans.

The Waist

When purchasing dress pants, you want the pants to sit on your hips, or right about your hips. They should not go up to your natural waist, nor should you be able to sag them down below your waist.

You want the waistband to fit snugly. Your dress pants should fit nice and snug, regardless of if you are wearing a belt or not. With dress pants, the belt is more about fashion than it is about function. It is a smart idea to pair a belt with your dress pants that fits with the overall look.

You don't want the zipper to look bunched up at all; it should lay flat when you are standing up in the pants.

The Legs

When it comes to the fit on the legs, you want the legs to be slim all the way down. You don't want the pants to be really tight though. It should not look like you are wearing skinny jeans.

This can be a hard look to achieve off the rack, which is where a tailor comes in. If you are carrying extra weight, a tailor can take the legs in to give a more streamlined look. If you have big thighs but smaller calves, a tailor can fix this issue so that the fit is the same all the way down your legs.

The Ankles

The length of your pants matter. The hem of a pair of nice dress pants should sit right above the top of your shoes when you are standing up. When you sit down, your dress socks should be visible. You may need to have your dress pants taken in or let out to achieve this look.

When you buy a pair of dress pants, having the right fit is important. If you don't naturally get the right fit, work with a tailor to adjust the pants; it is worth it to get the best professional look. The next time you go dress pants shopping, keep the above fit tips in mind. 

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