Six Mistakes To Avoid When You Buy Vintage Clothing

Buying vintage clothing is a great way to look great and in many cases save money at the same time. However, you need to shop carefully to get the most for your money and find clothing that you're going to be satisfied with long term.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you buy vintage clothing to get the most out of your shopping experience.

Focusing too much on the brand

You need to look at the individual article clothing and judge it based on its merits rather than based on its brand alone. Even the best clothing makers out there occasionally produce a bad piece of clothing.

Don't be blinded by the brand. Make sure you're taking a step back and judging clothing for its design and not just its label. 

Not trying things on 

When it comes to vintage clothing, sizes are often a little less predictable. You definitely don't want to buy anything just based on the size on the tag alone. You need to try things on to make sure they fit right before you buy them. 

Failing to notice damage

Vintage clothing needs to be carefully inspected before purchase to make sure that it is not damaged in some way. Check for damage like rips, tears, and stains.

Clothing on the shelf is not necessarily thoroughly inspected for damage before it is sold, and you don't want to deal with the disappointment of having purchased faulty clothing after you've already paid for it and brought it home. 

Not matching up your outfit with vintage accessories

Vintage clothing items alone are not enough for the full look. You want to also include accessories that go along with a vintage outfit like jewelry, belts, and handbags.

Not attempting to bargain

One of the best things about buying vintage clothing is often having the opportunity to bargain. Bargaining for vintage clothing can be enjoyable and also save you money.

Many shops will give you special deals for buying multiple items or for being a regular customer. Make sure you ask for special deals or make an offer rather than just paying outright to take advantage of bargaining power. 

Being unaware of washing/maintenance needs

You're going to need to care for the vintage clothing you buy. A lot of vintage clothing has special care needs. For example, some articles of clothing will need to be dry cleaned or hand washed. 

Make sure you're aware of care needs before you buy so that you know what you're getting into.