A Scoop Style Shirt That May Become A Wardrobe Staple

A scoop neck brand tee contains a neckline that drops down considerably lower than the neckline of a standard tee. This type of garment can become a staple to your wardrobe. Choose some tees that can be dressed up or down, depending upon the fashion statement that you prefer to make.

Scoop Tee Fabrics And Styles

Name brand and generic brand clothing manufacturers that sell spring and summer essentials probably offer a line of scoop tees. A standard scoop shirt may be constructed of cotton, polyester, or a poly blend fabric.

Cotton is a natural textile that is breathable and lightweight. Polyester is a manmade material that is less breathable than cotton and a little bit heavier. Cotton is more prone to shrinking than polyester, but with proper care a cotton or poly blend garment will retain its shape.

A basic scoop neckline will contain a straight stitch throughout the edge of the fabric. Some alternate scoop styles may feature embroidery, ruffled fabric that covers the roundness of the scoop, and a series of buttons that are sewn horizontally or vertically across a tee's neckline.

Versatile Options

The cut of a scoop neck tee may vary. Shop for clothing that is a similar brand to what you are accustomed to wearing. Choose a straight tee or one that is fitted or flowing along the bodice. A white tee will complement floral, plaid, or striped prints. A light pastel tee will look nice with jeans, joggers, dress pants, or a skirt.

Due to the accentuated neckline of a garment, you may want to draw attention to a choker or a chain. Purchase lightweight jewelry that contains a minimal amount of embellishments, if you will be wearing your scoop tee with casual clothing. If you are going to use a scoop style tee as the main component of an outfit that will be worn during the day and the night, switching jewelry between activities and adding a blazer, a belt, or another preferred accessory can modify a casual look into one that is more refined.

If you consider a tee as a spring or summer essential, broaden your perception by adding scoop style shirts to your fall and winter wardrobe. Dark or neutral-colored cotton or polyester tees will be complementary to a linen skirt, leggings, or twill slacks. With the addition of a wrap or a button-down sweater, you will be comfortably dressed when spending time outdoors.